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Take a look inside at my latest designs in my online portfolio, and get started on a project with us.

Lee Green is a graphic/web designer who specializes in branding and marketing design. An award winning designer with over 20 years of experience, Greenhouse Grafix is equipped and skilled to take your brand’s marketing design to the next level.

If you require custom design work from someone who is credible and someone you ENJOY working with, then you have found the right company. I take the time to LISTEN and CARE about your needs. I take pride in my work and care about your success. I understand that image and quality means everything in business when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on your clients and customers.  It is in my dna to create eye popping designs for my clients.


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My clients love being able to have one designer offer such a wide array of services. Everything can be tied together for a unified marketing approach. Plus the service is incredible!

Whether conceptualizing a new web page design, magazine, developing brochures and banners or designing a new company logo…why not let me make you look great! Take a look at the long list of services we offer and lets start your project today!



BCS and Greenhouse Grafix have both built outstanding reputations for years as the top companies in their respective fields -computer and graphic design services. They decided it was time for a new way to win for everybody! Imagine if you could find someone who was able to make it all happen under one hub.


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